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New Friends & New Skills

Summer camp is a Shangri La, a place to learn, grow and make friends.

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The lessons campers learn will stay with them for a lifetime.

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Positive Memories

Camp provides an environment of caring and sharing.

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Bear Hug provides summer camp experiences for underprivileged special needs and at-risk children

Summer Camp

We bring children of all ages, races, creeds and economic incomes levels together to experience life in a natural environment.


We partner with schools and youth-serving organizations to design camping programs that supplement activities learned in the classroom.

Positive Growth

Bear Hug focuses on developing the whole child. Our goal is to encourage positive growth and build self-esteem in children and adolescents.


Since its inception, Bear Hug has given over 3,500 children the opportunity to attend a residential, summer camp program.


Enriching Lives Through Summer Camp

The Bear Hug Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides summer camp programs for underprivileged, special needs and at-risk children from Detroit and the surrounding areas.

Our mission is to provide self-esteem and skill building experiential programming for children through an outdoor summer camping experience. Everything Bear Hug does helps compliment the efforts made by its partnering organizations to help develop the whole child. The ultimate goal of Bear Hug is to encourage positive growth in children and adolescents.


If you know of a group of underprivileged, special needs or at-risk children that would benefit from a camp experience, please contact Jenny at for more information.

Board Members

The Bear Hug Foundation Board is comprised of 19 members who are passionate about helping children.

Jennifer Kellman Fritz
Executive Director
Carrie Kovan
Development Director
Mark Coden

David Chernow
Eric Clark
Lauren Kaczander
Lauren Katkowsky
Betsy Kellman
Bela Kogler
Julie Marx
Marie McDonald
Rachel Schostak
Jodi Trivax
Matt Usher
Daniel Victor
Todd Wagenberg
Amanda Wolfe
Erica Yaker


139 W. Maple Road, Suite F, Birmingham, MI 48009

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